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Le Nid douillet

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Bright 66 m² gîte in a quiet area in the center of the charming town of Verberie located between Senlis-Compiègne-Chantilly-Pierrefonds; 5 km from the A1 motorway exit (N ° 9) and 6 km from the first train station. Close to shops, not far from golf courses, nautical club, forests, castles. This pleasant cottage is located upstairs in a recent detached house with private terrace of 32m2 with a view screen, garden furniture, barbecue, private enclosed parking space. You will find a modern, equitable kitchen open to a living room with a large corner sofa, a TV with DVD-CD player, a laundromat with washing machine, a small retro-style bedroom (1 bed 140X190), a vintage-style bedroom ( 2 90X200 beds), a bathroom, separate WC, Internet (Wifi), electric heating, baby equipment. For your comfort, the beds are made on arrival, the bathroom and household linen is included in the price of the stay as well as the heating. Hair dryer available. The &quot;Saint Corneille Nest&quot; is located in Ver
8bis rue Gustave Bouffet (étag étage
<img alt="Close to shops" title="Close to shops" src="https://aisne.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Boutique-s-.png" />
<img alt="Own garden" title="Own garden" src="https://aisne.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Jardin.gif" /> - Patio balcony
Furnished apartments and self-catering accomodation
33 (0)631381840
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60410 verberie

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