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L'Echappée Belle

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Each of the 3 guestrooms, accommodating 2 to 4 persons, is located on the 1st floor of the owners' house. With a floor area of 30 to 40 m², each room is equipped with a private bathroom/toilet and a TV. The rooms open onto a sitting room for the guests' use. Breakfast and table d'hôte dinner (reservations required) are served in the ground-floor dining room. Our residence is located in a charming Picard village, between Chantilly and Beauvais. In the heart of a 10,000-m² landscaped garden, L'Échappée Belle offers 3 wonderfully charming, personalized bedrooms. With its peaceful ponds, the property is a real invitation to relaxation. Enjoy a warm, convivial welcome by Nadine and Jean-Luc, at their old 18th-century farmhouse in which contemporary art rubs shoulders with antique furniture.
1 rue Emile Delaère Chateau Rouge Chateau Rouge
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<img alt="Own garden" title="Own garden" src="https://oise.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Jardin.gif" /> - Patio balcony
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60730 cauvigny

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